Looking for Sayle Safety App? – You’re in the right place. Inspectify is a subsidiary of SayleGroup Inc.

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The features you need, for the work you do

Inspectify was built on decades of real-world QHSE experience and understanding of how best-in-class industries and organizations operate and manage their workflows, processes and procedures in a safe and consistent manner.

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User-friendly admin features allow for quick editing and setup of customizable work flows, content and management of all app users.

We understand that while industries share many characteristics, every organization is different in their approach. That’s why Inspectify has been designed from the ground up – to easily adapt to your unique processes, workflows and requirements. Need help setting up your business? We can help. Simply tell us what you want to track and accomplish, and we will work with you to find a solution.

Incorporate your regulatory Worker OHS Rights & Responsibilities into the App to document due diligence that your workforce has been educated.


Easily share inspections with PDF exporting and the ability to submit them to specific people for real-time review and approval.

Large teams who need to access the same information, work from remote or isolated locations, or small, nimble teams spread out over a region. Despite the size of your organization and complexity of your operations, we understand the importance of communication and accessibility. Inspectify allows for real-time information sharing to ensure safety and efficiency. Try a demo to see just how easy it is to connect everyone from front line technicians to administrators to managers, using one simple tool.


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Digital Sign-off

Document inspections in real-time with digital signatures and inspection status for a streamlined authorization process that ensures due diligence and consistent workflows.

We operate in a world were demands are high and time is limited. To meet these demands, we need streamlined processes to make things easier and more efficient – not slow things down and hold up the job. That’s why Inspectify allows you to easily record critical information in the field and make it available to virtually anyone, anywhere. While you are working to get the job done, Inspectify is working in the background creating a secure digital record that can be used for data analysis, trending, sharing and due diligence purposes.

Risk Matrix

Enhance your assessments and dive deeper into measuring potential and actual risk with fully-customizable smart Risk Matrix option.

Not everyone uses a risk matrix in their daily workflow or as part of their risk assessment process. This is not because they aren’t useful or needed, but often because they can be difficult to set up and share across an organization. While Inspectify can be used without the Risk Matrix function, once you try its smart Risk Matrix option, you’ll see how easy it can be to implement with the right tool. You can use the Risk Matrix or turn it off – it’s totally up to you.

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Capture worksite conditions, hazards, equipment information or anything essential to your inspections and assessments.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In industry, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. They can be attached to site reports, quotes and inspections, where clients and contractors can see how dirty that air filter is, how dangerous that missing guard rail could be or prioritize repair of that damaged equipment. Want to ensure your complex installation process is followed with consistency and quality? Make photos a part of the workflow with Inspectify and decrease the risk of non-conformances and mishaps. Capture current worksite or equipment conditions, hazard observations and critical information. If it’s not being documented then it’s not being managed – use Inspectify to record your compliant checks.

Inspection Tools

Combine traditional checklist pages, info pages and decision tree-based checklist pages to create a comprehensive, yet time efficient process.

Checklists are found in nearly every workplace, and all too often on paper forms. Some are distributed by management, while others are printed from the internet. At the end of the day, filling out checklists and forms has traditionally been a way organizations believe things are getting done properly at the field level. However, paper tends to create more problems than it solves when it is used this way. The paper-based format is outdated, inefficient and unsafe for several reasons such as: illegible hand writing, lost paperwork, extra effort to transfer paper record to electronic spreadsheets, limited analysis and new knowledge discovery, and poor sharing of information between jobs and overtime. Couple these with spills, coffee stains and complacency, and your processes probably aren’t working as well as they could be. Let Inspectify’s customizable and intuitive digital options bring out the true potential of your organization’s day-to-day processes. Think quality, consistency and security.

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These are just some of Inspectify’s key features that can help virtually any organization take a firm grasp on their information and put it to work.
Try a demo to see everything our clients (and theirs) get excited about and experience the “Inspectify Effect” for yourself!
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