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Special Circumstances: COVID-19

The rise of COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for virtually every individual and organization. Government entities and organizations will soon be facing another challenge as economies re-open and society re-establishes itself: balancing return to work and resumption of operations with potential health risks.

Inspectify is versatile for two key reasons. It is highly customizable and it is user-friendly. These two factors have led to increasing interest from industry as it has demonstrated the ability to be quickly transformed to perform COVID-19 screening checklists and assessments. This will ensure documentation of key information pieces, due diligence and a better understanding of potential and actual risk to your organization. Understanding risk then allows for proactive and effective mitigation.

Use Inspectify for:

  • Employee pre-work self assessments
  • Workforce screening questionnaires
  • Workplace / workstation COVID safety protocol inspections
Employee Check in app screenshot
Employee Check in sign off app screenshot
Employee Check in COVD-19 screening questions app screenshot
Employee Check in app screenshot