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Our Team

Passionate. Respectful. Trustworthy.
Stephen Sayle Headshot
Stephen Sayle
Chief Executive Officer

Stephen has had a very progressive career in Canadian and International Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) risk management. He excels at facilitation, collaboration, business development and public speaking.  Stephen has managed scientific studies, R&D, Environmental Assessments, training development, risk studies, coastal developments, fisheries consultation, offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, seabed cables, oil spill response, subsea well capping, habitat restoration, tidal industry, oceanography and environmental protection programs. He has worked closely with government, operators, contractors, regulatory authorities, IFI funding agencies, Indigenous First Nations and other community stakeholders. Stephen has frequently been Keynote Speaker at a wide variety of events.

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Heidi Sayle Headshot
Heidi Sayle
Chief Financial Officer

Heidi leads the financial strategy and analysis for the Group. Using skills and experience gathered from a career managing financial risk, auditing, reporting and strategy with one of the “Big 5” firms, post-secondary institutions and the region's largest legal practice and private sector telecommunications entity, Heidi can deliver effective solutions in complex situations.

heidi [at] saylegroup.com
Greg Onions
Technical Director

Greg is a veteran of the safety and survival training industry where risk management, competency management and quality management systems are the pillars of a successful business. After years of holding senior management positions for operations, as well as special projects, he now applies his knowledge and experience to process improvement and operational excellence programs. With expertise that has been tested and progressed by Oil & Gas Super Majors, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian Space Agency and multiple federal and provincial agencies, our clients can be assured that their needs are being met with professional insights.

greg.onions [at] saylegroup.com
Nathan Nurse Headshot
Nathan Nurse
EHS Analyst & Researcher

Nathan is a Queen's University Life Sciences graduate and conducts important practical and qualitative research to support the team’s ongoing development of its key business lines and future opportunities. He is largely involved in the QHSE consulting aspect of the business and has completed several major projects in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Nathan is involved in risk assessments, gap analyses, management systems and technical document development, data analysis, research and literature reviews to help meet the needs of our clients.

Adam Simpson Headshot
Nairouz Hamchou

Nairouz is a skilled software developer and instructor in different software areas such as the Spatio-Temporal Approach for Information Trust Applications In E-Health and Multi-Dimensional Digital Economy Applications System (MDDEAS) platform. The MDDEAS consists of technology platforms for supporting global e-commerce, e-finance, e-insurance and e-logistics app services. Nairouz holds a Master of Software Engineering and Information Systems, and Bachelor of Information Engineering.

nairouz.hamchou [at] saylegroup.com
Morgan Headshot
Morgan Larson
Sales Representative

Morgan is a graduate of Queen’s University with a background in biological studies. Morgan brings a fresh perspective to sales with an old school work ethic combined with enthusiastic personal relationships to connect with organizations. In his role, Morgan strives to implement Inspectify within our local region to expand and strengthen safety culture and support both the new and current workforce.

Morgan.larson [at] saylegroup.com
Chris Joy Headshot
Chris Joy
Site Safety Officer

Chris has developed a proven track record in demonstrating successful development & implementation of key safety programs, resulting in measurable risk reduction and loss prevention. On site, Chris uses his excellent interpersonal skills empowering the continual development of Safety Culture within organizations.

chris.joy [at] saylegroup.com